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Real Words From Real Members

I believe that I am on my road to success and I am building my confidence as I get more and more experienced and as the results are getting better. I wanted to let you know that I am gratefull for your help both on the trading level and the mental level. You have made me believe that it is possible to succeed in this, which I think is important for success. I have a question for you: Have you considered some day making another course that includes trading setups "non Dowscalper"? :-) After being a Dowscalper member for more than 1/2 year I trust in you ability to trade as well as in your integrety and this is rare in the "learn to trade industry". If you ever decide to make such a course please let me know.

- Rene

Another very important part of the puzzle is something you say in almost all of your videos that seems so obvious yet has never dawned on me. I’ve had several “Aha!  moments these last few days....the way you explain things and teach seems to mesh much better with how I am able to learn and understand concepts. I hope to learn much more from you in the future!

- Mike

It’s without a single doubt that if it weren’t for this blog, I would still be very much “in the dark  with my trading. I keep going through the videos from the beginning of the blog and slowly make my way to the end, then start over again. Still learning very much just by hearing & watching how you think, and it sinks in more and more each day.

- Jason

I think DowScalper is a solid training program but it's your videos and commentaries that create the home run. Without them, there could be no review upon review of the information and the building of newer understandings. It's been a true reward!

- Eric

thanks this was so valuable. I just bought the course after trading on a demo for 2 months now and i love this!!! keep post the good and the bad things!!

- Jordi

Don't think that we aren't POURING over your videos AND words! So far, I guess I am one of the 'silent' ones as you've referred to some of us 'out here' but there will come a day when I'll be sending in the not only successful, but the all important CONFIDENT ones I am experiencing more. As you say, I'm improving in my 'making a case' scenariosâ€ PATIENCE;(previously lack of-big time) is becoming a main 'tool'. Thank you for what you've done; what you do; and much appreciated what you continue to do.

- Mark .W

Thanks for doing this live vid for us! It is very helpful to see it in real time. I feel like I’m really starting to understand what the candles are saying as they form, rather than trying to make them fit my own thought process. It’s definitely a new way of seeing!

- Linda .R

I have not commented yet. I am a new member and have to say I extremely appreciate all your videos!!! I have position traded many years in the past professionally…Hedge fund manager. I am learning your Dow Scalping method. I have been pouring over all the videos in the archives and LOVE THEM!!! I have traded LIVE several times losing money with over trading and not following my rules. Moving stops and doing stupid things. Not exclusively Dow Scalper though I have to admit. When I traded exclusively Dow Scalper I did pretty well. Or at least made up for the losers I had here and there. I am in the process of funding my account again and plan to stick to the rules and trade only the Dow Scalper method for one or two trades a day… I did put a slight twist on the system with scaling out and setting up the ATM slightly different. I look forward to getting back in and following my rules and the system rules this time. I TRUELY APPRECIATE YOUR VIDEOS AND HOPE YOU NEVER STOP POSTING AS I ALWAYS LEARN MORE!!! Please keep up the good work!!! Thx again Ron.

- Ron.L

Hey Shane. Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to share with you. This is probably my best morning yet. In and out of the market with 2 trades in 3 mins. I love it. Lately, trading the M1 has become more relaxed for me. I'm calmer. I no longer feel my heart pounding each morning when I pull the trigger and after I've entered the trade. It's just - something I do. It's a great feeling.

- J.Chase

I genuinely appreciate your talking TO US—not “theoretically , so to speak—-I have seemingly run the gamut ala indicators; patterns; projections; on and on…..to where, Shane, I feel I have sort of come full circle to learning to perform “surgery  on/with the socio-psychological (and vice-versa) ways and means of it all!!!—-and THAT my new friend, if you will, is due GREATLY from your absolute caring for “US  to succeed! And MANY accolades to “Tepu  for sharing the same sentiments. Guys; THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart really, as I share and enjoy this wonderful art in living. Much Regards

- M. Wallisa

I would never miss your videos because what you provide in there is just so invaluable. I always pick up something new - there's just no substitute for experience and what you share really accelerates the learning curve.

- L. Evrard

I signed up for DowScalper course long back and I went through modules in just few hours and watched all videos in another few hours and then I realized, and asked myself what is this? it’s nothing, I already knew it, so on so forth…but I didn’t cancel my membership with Dowscalper.

Few months back I joined a future live trading room name start with “Win******ders  and I lost 45% of my account in just 2 days. I cancelled my membership (no refund) and walked away(if you don’t believe me, I can show emails and receipt of the payment), from that day I decided that I will work hard and I will trade myself doesn’t matter if it is winning or losing trade, end of the day I will learn something.

Finally, I came back to Dowscalper course and thought of giving another try, this time I studied it again line by line and read everything whatever have been mentioned there in the course contents. watch videos again and again.. Every time I will learn something new.. and apply next day in live trading..one day you will see success and you start believing on yourself.

I think no one is the best in the trading. Only those who control their emotions and manage risk well they are the best. Every trader has good and bad day, but good day they make more and in bad day they lose less, that’s how they are successful.

Listen carefully what Shane used to mention in each video (increase your volume because he speaks slowly sometime :) ).

Disclaimer: I am not biased, neither I know about Dowscalper or Shane much(only through this course).

- B. Singh

Hi Shane. Thanks for the great teaching in the videos. It is helpful to hear you explain your thinking and point out important concepts over and over. Repetition is the best teacher.

- Chuck T

Just to say that I am so appreciative of your instruction. Anybody who knows the feeling of loss in the markets knows the value of something that will change their world. You are giving it. Big thanks man!

Shane and DowScalper have really done my trading career good.

- Eric

I have studied the course for a while, and read the courses several times, and the course concept is not difficult to understand, all we need to do is just follow it and practice. Do not think about other method while you use the course method and you will see the difference little by little. Also, the member area is one part of bonus. Â Shane has added more materials there, thanks for your great work, Shane. Really like your analysis. That helps us to understand the course more deeply. Plus, thank you for replying all email questions carefully.

- Bill (Denver. CO)

I just made it throught the modules and a few videos in the members blog. WOW!!! This stuff is fantastic. The training you do in the members area is fantastic. That really takes this system to a whole new level. Took 2 winning shorts in a row this morning (sim mode) in about the 1st 7 min.

- Brian (Turlock, CA)

I recently purchased your Dowscalper course, and I would like to thank you for this simple and effective system. Your system has gotten me away from the forex trap and opened my eyes to the advantages of trading the regulated futures markets.

After demo trading for about 3-4 weeks, I opened a live account with your suggested broker. Having traded live for two weeks now, I have had very good success. This has been the best trading I've ever done. My results are fairly small just because I am starting small and working my way up to trading more contracts. I've always believed that you must earn the right to trade bigger. With that being said, my account is up about 6.5% after 10 trading days, again, trading small.

I have found the early momentum trade to be highly, highly predictable. My results have been mixed with the other setups, but still profitable. Therefore, I concentrate on trading the early momentum setup with more contracts. If I take any setups after that, it's with less contracts. By the way, I find that the idea of only trading the market open is very effective in keeping me from watching the markets all day and chasing it.

I wanted to ask you if you have traded this system at the open of other markets? Two markets I am interested in are the Emini Crude Oil and the Nikkei 225. Since these opens would fit my schedule, I'm interested in looking at them to increase my trading opportunities.

Thank you again for this great trading system and I look forward to continued success, while still being able to have a life and not stare at the charts all day long (or all night long in my case when trading the European session of Forex). Thank you for any feedback you may have regarding trading other markets.

Thank you,

- Kyle (IL, United States)

Great pics, the last two days I just started trading after reviewing your course for about a week.

Went pretty well I'm up 60.00. I found myself to get nervous at first with all the movement happening in the first few candles that I miss the right timing to get in on a trade. I think that will come in time.

Any other tips or ideas would be helpful ! I really want to do this for a living and I think your methods are the best to practice with so far from what I seen is out there. I could really see the possibilities once someone understands and recognizes the movements and then capitalize with holding 5,10,15 or even 20 contracts.

If you have any other good practice strategies that would be great!
Do you use this method for any other markets?

Have a wonderful weekend!

- Lino (Vancouver, Canada)

wow, today was my first livetradingday with your system.
result: 3 trades, 16ticks profit in 9 minutes.....that was really easy...:-)

Thanks and regards,

- Lukas (Switzerland)

"Your videos are awesome, and you have given a new way to trade for who has full time job. From bottom of my heart I want to appreciate your work!"

- Bhagat (CA, US)

...I will keep that in mind, keeping my confidence in tacked far exceeds the benefits of a $ amount when your in the early stages of a career as a trader. I have suffered an enormous loss close to $40k. I over traded, tried to use indicators, chat rooms, wondering around aimlessly searching for the holy grail of trading. I wish I would have found you sooner, but I guess things happen for a reason.

I know its not going to be easy. I'm prepared with some simple rules that my mind wants to over complicate, so I have to go to the market with a 2 positive trade approach. I really value your time and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- David (FL, US)

Thank you for this , and this give me more power to keep more focus on this. I ready start the program and Im so happy . Thank you

- Elias (FL, US)

"By the way, my demo trading has progressed by the book (according to the worksheet I have for compounding the amounts) and the $2,000 pot is now at $170,000+ having started in June (based upon the first few minutes each day). I have found it much easier to see the trends and my trading has improved."

- Christopher (IL,US)

I truly do think you are the best system on the web, clear entries, exits, a solid money maker and you answer your emails. Feel free to use my endorsement on your web page. I would gladly tell anyone to use your system and I would additionally add since my last email that your follow up videos are great, I caught something that I initially missed from your ebook that has helped my trading greatly. And your answer on how to use your system on forex was genius. You are the king of the internet traders in my book.

- Matt (CA, US)

All I can say is WOW! I never tried just returning to basics. It works so much better, especially for the shorter term trading I was wanting to do!

- Andrew (AK, US)

Chrystal clear entry rules, daily winners and you respond to emails. You get my vote for #1 best system I have ever used. And I have tried a lot. thanks again for the reply.

- Matt (CA, US)

I was a sceptical before i bought dowscalper course because i bought alot of course but all not help me interm of knowledge and day trading. i write this email just want to say few sentences about dowscalper course.

i learn and put it into my real account and it bring profit.
You can see my real account statement

you want to be a profitable trader, come and learn dowscalper.com


- Leo (Singapore)

Thanks for video I went live 2 weeks ago 1st week had 2 winning days this week 3 winning days. I am working at it . like you I keeping losts small trading with 1 contract.

- Chalmes (NC, US)

your system us the very best one i ever came across---i actually make $ from it. i am very greatful for you sharing it.
if you ever want a testamonie---no problem.


- Randy (ON, Canada)

I thought I would touch base with you and let you know of my success demo trading.

I have included a demo diary spreadsheet to show all the trades placed.

I do find it interesting that it is sometimes difficult to just shut down the trading platform after making the profit target. But as you can see, and as I have experienced, when I try trading outside of your parameters it does not work.

I have also included a spreadsheet that makes it easy to follow and to focus on why I am doing it the way you have shown.

Yours IS the only system that has given me hope at last.

I had to really stretch to pay for your course even at the discounted rate, but it is worth so much more.

Thank you once again.
All the best

- Christopher (IL, US)

I find your approach both refreshing and straightforward as well as your prompt response to questions. I believe especially here in Fla there is a large community of prospective individuals looking for alternative methodologies other than the FX B.S. and the overpriced trading schools both off-line and on-line. As my wife would say


- Marty (FL, US)

On the demo account I sold the market at 12616 with 4 contracts and 8 pip bracket (based upon your recommendations of 1 contract per $500 with $2,000 minimum the broker requires).

Couldn't even move the stop loss before it hit the profit target.

- Krzysztof (IL, US)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your system.

for the first time in 6years of hit & miss(mostly miss)that i am beginning to feel that i can become a full time trader & live the life i sincerely desire.

i am enjoying the live trades that you are forwarding, keep it up.

Thanks again,

- Phillip (Canada)

Thanks very much for sending me the 1st course manual. I was very impressed with it. You explained how the markets move in a very simple and easy to understand manner. The video was excellent and very professional.

I was so impressed that last night I bought the full course. Looking forward to studying it over the next few days.

I am really keen to start working with this. The only success I have ever had was trading the Dow. For the last 3 years I have been mired in the Forex trying to use indicator systems. I was just coming to the conclusion that indicators had to go. I have got to the point where I am almost afraid to pull the trigger on a trade.

Everything I have read for years says avoid the 1 minute chart like the plague and never aim for small profits on a trade.!

After watching all your homepage videos and studying your module 1, yesterday I started to watch the Dow using IG Index 1 minute chart. I was mesmerised by how the chart flowed, support and resistance levels were everywhere. The chart seemed to move through the cycles on a regular basis just like you said it did.

At the end of the session I switched the graph through different timeframes and was amazed to find how the chart clarity disappered immediately, even on the 5 minute timeframe. I think you have converted me to trading with the 1 minute chart.

I felt while watching the Dow that I could almost trade it from the information in module 1. Can't wait to study the rest of the modules and videos to see how you really trade this.

All the very best.

- Nick (Leeds, UK)



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